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13 Lucky Ways to Save On Moving and Storage in Barrie

Finding the best moving companies Barrie doesn’t need to be too difficult especially when you know a few secrets to cutting costs. You may think all moving companies are charging over the top prices but actually, you can still get a great deal when you use them wisely. It’s true; you can save a lot of cash when you know a few simple but useful tricks to help save money. So, what are the 13 lucky ways to save on moving and storage in Barrie?

Move during the Slow Seasons

The summer months are the busiest times for most moving companies and it means costs are higher than during the slower months of November and December. However, if you have to move during summer, you must plan the move wisely. You should move during the middle weeks of the months so that you can avoid higher rates. It mightn’t always work but it’s a good way to maybe save on some cash.

Get a Signed Contract

When you use moving companies, you have to be wise and have a written contract set out. This should include who is responsible for any breakages or damages; and the contract should be clear whether there is insurance for any issues. You absolutely must look at getting a contract set out so that you know where to stand. It will also help you to save money later should anything go wrong. Also, it will help you save on getting additional insurance.

Pack Up Your Items on Your Own

The number one mistake most people make is to allow the moving companies Barrie to pack up their items. However, that is only going to up the final costs because the companies charge per box and they add a lot of money for every item they pack. It’s really just a waste of money, so if you want to save money when moving, you should take the time to pack yourself. It’s just good sense and it will help to save lots of cash too.

Move Small Items Yourself

If you want to save money on storage and moving costs then you have to think about moving some items yourself. Now, if you are moving only a short distance, preferably in the same town, then it makes sense to move some of the smaller items yourself rather than rely on the moving companies. Here are some of the things you can move yourself:

  • Clothes
  • DVD’s
  • CD’s
  • Games
  • Small Appliances

Instead of relying on the moving companies in Barrie, you can use good sense and move the smaller items. This will save lots of cash and to be honest, if you don’t want some delicate items like ornaments or glassware being handled by removal men, you should think about moving things yourself.

Use the Right Packaging

There is no real need to buy dozens and dozens of packing boxes when you can use simple everyday bags. Suitcases and duffel bags are great to hold your towels and even some books. Of course, these might be rather heavy to move but you can save a ton of money on the moving boxes. You should use every item that can hold things as packing boxes. You can even use old storage boxes or plastic containers to help save on moving costs. Moving companies will still move everything in the house even if it’s in plastic containers.

Take What You Only Need

Never make the mistake of taking every single item from one home only to throw it away once you get to the new one. That isn’t just a waste of your time but money too. If you want to save money, you should only take the items you want and will keep. Anything that isn’t wanted should be donated to charities or thrown away before moving. You can save yourself a lot of money when you take only what you need with your moving companies.

Avoid Storing Items in Storage Units If You Can

Hundreds of dollars can be racked up from storage units alone and when you move, the prices can double. If you want to save on storage when moving, you need to find cheaper alternatives to storage. If possible, avoid storing items in storage lockers and move them with the moving companies in Barrie on the day you’re moving home.

Be Organized and Don’t Delay On Moving Day

Some moving companies Barrie can choose to charge per hour so if you stop them from getting on with their job, it will end up costing you more money. However, if you want to save money, you need to be organized on the day. You have to have everything packed up and ready to be shipped on the moving day as well as allow the men to get on with their job. If you are organized and let the movers do the work, they will get things done in quick time and that is a big time saver!

Get Upfront Quotes and a Final Price

Moving companies in Barrie have different pricing systems but if you want to save money, you’ll try and get one upfront cost. Doing things this way could end up saving a lot of cash especially if you use the service all day. However, your moving company may not charge one upfront fee and if that is the case, you have to be very wary. You want to get a set price for the hours of work and know beforehand.

Buy Boxes and Bubble Wrap in Bulk

Don’t make the rookie mistake of buying just one or two boxes at a time. It might seem less costly but actually if you keep doing this, you will end up paying out hundreds of dollars for them all. However, if you want to save money, you should buy your moving materials in bulk. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy thirty or even forty boxes in a bulk pack along with bubble wrap. It might still seem very costly but actually it will save lots when you buy in bulk and don’t buy from the moving companies. They can charge a lot for these materials.

Have Some Flexibility

If it’s possible, you need to be flexible with the dates you can actually move. This might help to save some money when it comes to moving and storing your items. However, if you can’t be flexible then it’s understandable you must move on certain days but if you can afford to be flexible then you should try and choose days when it’s slow. Moving companies often charge reasonable prices when you’re flexible.

Get Moving Companies Barrie from Recommendations

Just choosing any moving company isn’t smart because they may not be the best company. However, if you get some recommendations from friends or family members, it’s actually a great way for you to save money. The reason why is because highly recommended companies are usually reasonable in every sense and that includes prices. Moving companies are quite reasonable.

Renegotiate Prices

The best way to save money on moving is to simply call a company up and ask for a better price. It’s probably not the phone call you want to make but it could help to save cash when using moving companies. Renegotiating for a better price isn’t a bad thing and you never know you might be able to save a hundred dollars or maybe even more.

Use These Methods!

To be honest, the above thirteen methods are some simple but effective ways to actually save money when you’re moving. They can be great options to try and even if you aren’t able to renegotiate the final costs, you might be able to save money in other ways say with moving materials. There are always ways in which money can be saved. Hopefully you’ll find ways to save yourself cash when using your moving companies in Barrie.